Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is intended for SIA INFINITY GAME, registration number: 41503079809, legal address: Gogola 11-4, Riga, Latvia (hereinafter - the Seller) collects, uses and processes personal information provided by the Buyer on the Seller's website. This Privacy Policy applies to the Seller's website (hereinafter - the Website), which is owned and managed by the Seller. This Privacy Policy applies to the acquisition, use, publication, transfer and storage of personal data of Buyers or users of this Internet site.

Data acquisition and use

Personal data shall be considered information that, with the consent of the Seller and the Buyer, the Seller receives from the Buyer in order to fulfill the terms of the concluded contract, as well as to communicate with the Buyer in the future. Acquisition of Buyer data occurs when the Buyer provides contact information or other data on this Internet site. All personal data of the Buyer are confidential, except for cases described in regulatory acts. The seller collect such information as: name, surname, phone number, e-mail, country - which is collected only for statistical and order managing purposes. Using the obtained data, the Seller can inform the Buyer about goods, events and news related to the Internet site. At any time, the Buyer can delete his name from the list of the target audience group if he does not want to receive information about the product, events and news. The buyer's data is used when delivering the goods and fulfilling the obligations arising from the goods purchase agreement. The seller undertakes to do everything possible to ensure adequate data security.

Changes in data

Customer data can be viewed on the website, in the My account section. The seller undertakes to ensure the correctness and relevance of the obtained customer data. The Buyer informs the Seller about the change of data via e-mail

Access to data

The Seller may disclose the Buyers' data if there is reason to believe that: this information is necessary to identify, establish or initiate legal actions against a person who may cause any harm to another person or to the Seller, endangering its rights, property or activity, as also expose other users and/or persons of this Internet site to such and similar risks; it should be done taking into account the requirements of regulatory acts, or in cases where it is required by competent authorities.

Use of Internet Protocol addresses

An IP address is a string of numbers that is automatically assigned to a computer every time a user connects to their Internet service provider, a user's computer can be automatically identified by this IP address. Vendor may collect these addresses for system administration and website auditing purposes. The seller has no intention of adding the user's IP address to his personally identifiable information, which means that every user session is recorded, but the user himself remains anonymous. The seller may use these IP addresses for the purpose of identifying website users in situations where it is considered necessary to ensure compliance of their behavior with website usage conditions or to protect the website or other users.


Cookies are small text files that provide information about how often the user visits the website and what exactly the user does during their sessions. Cookies do not contain any personally identifiable information, but if the user provides such information himself, this information can be combined with the data contained in the cookie. The seller may place cookies on users' computer browsers.


The seller uses secure data systems and, if necessary, is ready to take additional security measures to protect user data from loss, misuse and modification. Only specially authorized employees of the Seller have access to the information entrusted by the users of the website. The seller takes protective measures, but cannot fully guarantee that no data loss, misuse or alteration will occur. Binding conditions By entrusting personal data and/or other personal information, users of the Internet site confirm that they are bound by these privacy policy conditions, and they acknowledge that the Seller has the right to handle this information in the cases and to the extent defined in this document.


These privacy conditions may be updated at any time, so users are encouraged to review them regularly