Philips Razor S9000 Prestige SP9885/35

  • With up to 165,000 cutting actions per minute, the NanoTech Dual Precisions blades deliver extremely close results at skin level. Now re-engineered with a Guide & Cut System and hardened with nano-particles, the 72 self-sharpening blades have extrastrong and long-lasting sharp edges for ultimate closeness at all times
  • Our best protective coating lies between the shaver heads and your skin. Made of up to 500,000 hydrophilic microtech beads per square centimetre, creating a 50%* smoother glide for maximum skin comfort
  • Fully flexible heads completely adapt to every contour of your face, catching even difficult hairs. The result is an exceptionally smooth and comfortable shave.
  • Maximum rotations for maximum efficiency. The most advanced Philips digital motor ensures a precise shave for any facial contour or hair density.
  • The electric shaver has an intelligent facial hair sensor that reads hair density 500 times per second. The technology auto-adapts the cutting power for an effortless and gentle shave.


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