Philips Shaver Series 7000 S7886/55

  • Protective SkinGlide Coating: Men’s electric shaver features SkinIQ technology and a protective coating made of up to 2,000 micro-tech beads per square millimeter, reduces friction on skin by 25 percent*, to minimize irritation.
  • SteelPrecision Blades: Men’s shaver features 45 high-performance, self-sharpening blades that cut more hair per stroke and shave close with up to 90,000 cutting actions per minute for an effortless and gentle shave
  • Motion Control Sensor: Motion-sensing technology tracks how you shave and guides you to a more efficient technique; After just three shaves, the majority of men achieved a better shaving technique for fewer passes**
  • Multi-Functional Electric Shaver: Fully flexible heads turn 360° to adapt perfectly to any curve of your face, neck, or jaw; with a skin-friendly pop-up Philips beard trimmer, you can design beard shapes, mustaches, and sideburns easily


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2 в наличии

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