Meta (Oculus) Quest 2 128gb + Kiwi Strap + Rechargable Batteries

Kit includes:

  1. Meta Quest 2 glasses: Ultra-fast processor and high-resolution display ensure smooth performance even at high speeds. With 3D spatial audio, hand tracking and haptic feedback, you can immerse yourself in virtual worlds and experience them up close. Age restrictions 10+. Some apps, games and content may have a higher minimum age.
  2. Improved side straps for Meta Quest 2. Designed for more comfortable use of the headset thanks to the system of fastening the straps on the back of the head, which helps to more evenly distribute the weight of the glasses on the head.

  3. Rechargeable Energizer batteries for ease of use of Meta Quest 3 controllers (4 pcs).


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2 в наличии

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