iRobot Roomba j7

  • The Roomba j7 robot vacuum can detect and avoid obstacles in its path in real time using PrecisionVision navigation (even such as cables or pet excrement).
  • To get the job done, Roomba j7’s cleaning system features 3 power levels, an edge brush for corners, and two unique rubber brushes.
  • In addition to the “basic cleaning” and room-to-room cleaning settings, you can send the Roomba j7 robot vacuum cleaner to a specific location, for example, in front of the kitchen counter.
  • With Dirt Detect technology, Roomba j7 robot vacuum cleaner detects heavily soiled areas in your home and cleans them especially thoroughly.
  • Has a certificate for the security of using your data – TÜV SÜD Cyber ​​Security.


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1 в наличии

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