PSN PlayStation Network Store 100 zl Poland

This product can be activated only if your PlayStation Network account is registrated in Poland region!
Code will be send in 24 hours time after your purchase.

To activate the code:

  1. visit the official PlayStation page
  2. press – enter (top right)
  3. click on your logo (top right)
  4. select – “account settings”
  5. select – “Redeem prepaid card” and enter our 12-digit code

Code activation (another option):

  1. select PlayStation Store on the console
  2. select “Redeem Codes” below
  3. enter the 12-digit code


Register, buy and get 130 VRLV Coins a worth of 0,65 
  • store Pickup at shop

Buy before 12:00 get between 14:30-15:00


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